Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall is right around the corner and I just can't wait!! I've already spent hours and hours searching for the images that will inspire me this year.

When I say Fall what I really mean is Halloween.

Saturday evening I got my first hint of Fall... goosebumps... from a chilly evening.. in the middle of summer!
I know, I know!...that's Southern California for you, a scorching hot 115 degrees one day and chilly 58 degrees the next evening. Now my little halloween and all things spooky motor is running! Searching for those strange and magical images I came across a mesmerizing photo stream...

Halloween #23
Photostream: "Halloween in the Time of Cholera"Stevecharsman

Vintage and Halloween!!! What more could a creepy girl like me ask for?!?

Halloween #5
Photostream: "Halloween in the Time of Cholera" Stevecharsman

The ambiance of strange spookiness in this photo has set the tone for all my halloween crafts to come this year. I hope you take a moment to delight in the creepy unsettling images of Stevecharsman


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